‘I knew it was revolving around me’: Man attacked by shark waited to die, dolphins saved his life

a great white shark (real shark) was chased off by a pod of dolphins while following a group of swimmers near New Zealand. (Image credit: Peter_Nile/Getty Images)

Martin Richardson attacked by mako shark while swimming in Egypt’s Red SeaSpiny-nosed lizard). He had been bitten about five times, and as he was waiting to die, something unusual happened.

“There’s no reason for the sharks to stop,” he said on National Geographic Channel’s new show “Saved From Sharks.” “I lost about 5 pints [2.8 liters] of blood.you only have 8 or 9 [pints, or 4.5 to 5 L] in your body. I’m waiting for the frantic feeding…I know it’s orbiting me…I turn around and look at the mountains. I give up. “

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