kidney dialysis: Navigating the Journey of Kidney Dialysis:


Kidney Dialysis is a medical treatment to remove extra salts, fluid, solute and toxins from the blood of the people whose kidneys does not perform their function automatically. Two types of dialysis can be performed that is hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. In 1943 it was successfully performed. In our body kidneys work as a filter which filtrate extra toxins, fluid and salts from our blood and remove these toxins out of our body through urine. It is also called as renal replacement therapy.

In this procedure, a needle with a tube is inserted in human arm which carry out blood in an external machine where blood filters as an active kidney perform. Filtered blood come back to human arm through another tube coming from external machine. This procedure usually takes 4 hours. It is performed at least 3 times in a week. This treatment is given at the last stage of kidney function when kidney does not perform naturally. Usually the average life expectations is 5 to 10 years.

What are the problems faced by kidney Dialysis?

Kidney Dialysis provides relief to patients. After this treatment patient spend a life as a healthy person spend his life. But there are some problems caused by dialysis which are given below.

Low blood pressure during kidney dialysis:

Usually a patient face low blood pressure during or after this treatment because sometimes fluid remove more in quantity. That’s why patient feel a very low blood pressure. In this situation patient feels nausea and dizziness.

Weight gain issue in kidney dialysis:

Sometimes patient feels bulky and gain extra weight but you are not only one who faces this issue but most of the patient is facing this issue because in this case during dialysis sugar from the fluid absorbed by the body which causes weight gain.

Feeling malnutrition:

The patient of dialysis remains at upset and uncomfortable condition and they desire less quantity of food.  As a result patient feel as a full of stomach and they do not take much food as their body desire. So they face malnutrition.

kidney dialysis cause Hernia:

Another side effect of dialysis is hernia. It is because during dialysis when catheter is inserted inside the abdominal cavity which weakens or have cut in that place and resulting hernia. Hernia issue is solved by surgery.

kidney Dialysis not permanent treatment:

Dialysis is a temporary treatment. It is not permanent treatment and is treated by 3 times a week which creates upset mood of the patient. If once a dialysis procedure start then it remains applied again and again.

What are solution of Kidney Dialysis:

Dialysis solve the problems of the patient whose kidney is diseased described as follows.

Follow doctor suggestion:

A patient spend more healthy life if he follow his doctor suggestion, use the diet as suggested by doctor.

Prevent from critical condition:

Disorder kidney creates much disturbance in the life of patient. After this treatment patient can spend an active life if he follow his/her doctor suggestion.

Extra toxic waste:

Dialysis safe the blood of the patient from extra fluid, salts, toxic materials which provide relief the patient till next treatment.

Kidney transplant:

The permanent solution of diseased kidney is the transplant of kidney.

What are the benefits of kidney dialysis:

Kidney dialysis brings some positive changes in patient health which are given below.

Live as healthy person:

Dialysis treatment help the patient to spend a healthy life as healthy people live. Patient can do his all task easily. Kidneys of the patient work better than before dialysis.

Symptoms after dialysis:

After dialysis, patients symptoms of nausea, headache and cramping becomes improved.

Improved patient appearance:

Some patients who takes home hemodialysis treatment show more positive results on health in the shortage of time.

Safety from ride expenses:

When a patient choose home dialysis, he can save his money spend on a ride or petrol expenses every week or month.

Extend the life of patient:

Through hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, patients feel their life is extend because this treatment is available anytime.

Spend your time according to your own:

When patient select home dialysis he/she can spend his/her time with his/her family members, children or friends. He can watch T.V, news channel or any magazines. Despite this he spend his time in dialysis center.


Dialysis is a medical treatment which provide a prolong life, save the patient from kidney pain complications. It gives a chance to spend a healthy life to patient. But it is not a permanent treatment which is not a painful treatment but its needle creates irritation to patient, but many patients become used to this needle pain. Dialysis treatment is also used to remove excessive water, electrolyte, fluid, salts and toxic materials.  In the dialysis the external dialysis behave as a filter just like a kidney in humans. After dialysis patient spend a healthy days and can do his work easily. Where both of dialysis as hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis have positive results but also have some side effects. After dialysis treatment sometimes patient feel nausea, headache or low blood pressure. Frequent dialysis treatment brings uncomfortable mood of the patient.

Kidney dialysis is a life-saving treatment for individuals with kidney failure, also known as end-stage renal disease (ESRD). It plays a crucial role in helping patients maintain their overall health and quality of life. Kidney dialysis is a vital treatment option for individuals whose kidneys are no longer functioning adequately. It helps remove waste products, excess fluid, and toxins from the blood, mimicking the filtration and regulatory functions of healthy kidneys.

Dialysis treatments are typically performed multiple times a week and last for several hours per session. The exact frequency and duration may vary based on factors like the patient’s residual kidney function, overall health, and the specific dialysis modality used.

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