Skin transplant: Exploring the Benefits of Skin Transplantation:

Introduction: Transplantation are of different types such as hair transplant, skin transplant, organ transplant, bone-marrow transplant etc. Skin transplant is also famous as skin grafting. It is a surgical procedure in which a healthy area of the skin is taken from one area of the body portion (donor site). Then transplanted onto another area of … Read more

Peritoneal Dialysis: Enhancing Patient Outcomes, Quality of Life

peritoneal dialysis

Introduction: Kidney dialysis can proceed by two methods i.e. peritoneal Dialysis and hemodialysis. Here we are discussing the Peritoneal dialysis. Peritoneal dialysis is a specialized medical procedure. It is designed to remove the extra waste and excessive fluid from the body. Unlike hemodialysis in which external machinery is used to filter the blood. Peritoneal dialysis … Read more

Angiography: Navigating Vascular Pathways by Angiography:


Introduction: Angiography is a medical treatment. It is a medical imaging technique in which diagnosis and visualize the blood vessels within the body, particularly the arteries and veins. It provide a complete information about blood flow, structure and abnormalities in the vessel. This procedure is performed by injecting the contrast dye into the blood vessel. … Read more

Cryotherapy: Understanding Cryotherapy as Frosting Away Pain:


Introduction: Cryotherapy is a medical treatment as laser therapy and many others. Cryotherapy is derived from Greek words Cry (cold) and therapy (healing). This therapy has gained popularity in recent years. Because of its potential health benefits. It is use to eradicate pain, reduce swelling, relieving inflammation and improving skin condition. It is a therapeutic … Read more

kidney dialysis: Navigating the Journey of Kidney Dialysis:

kidney dialysis

Introduction: Kidney Dialysis is a medical treatment to remove extra salts, fluid, solute and toxins from the blood of the people whose kidneys does not perform their function automatically. Two types of dialysis can be performed that is hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. In 1943 it was successfully performed. In our body kidneys work as a … Read more

The Wellbeing Blueprint: Building a Foundation for Lifelong Health.

Introduction: The pursuit of lifelong health and wellbeing is a fundamental desire shared by individuals around the world. In an era where information overload and quick-fix solutions abound, it has become increasingly crucial to establish a solid foundation for lasting wellness. “The Wellbeing Blueprint: Building a Foundation for Lifelong Health” serves as a guiding light … Read more

Loneliness alters brain processing unique to each individual Neuroscience News

Summary: People who are lonely see the world in a unique way that is very different from people who are not lonely. The study used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to examine brain processing patterns in 66 college students as they watched various video clips. The results showed that people who experienced loneliness showed more … Read more

Here’s What You Need to Know About B Vitamins

if you know Anyone who is deficient in B vitamins, you’ll likely see them taking a B-complex vitamin supplement. They’re touted as a cure-all for all your B vitamin-related needs, but do you really need it? “B complex vitamins are a group of essential micronutrients consisting of water-soluble B vitamins. [They] Regular energy replenishment is … Read more

Alert: Mosquito-borne virus detected in Chatham County

Mosquito-borne virus detected in Chatham County Updated: June 30, 2023 9:19 PM EDT hide transcript show transcript We have some important safety warnings for beachgoers this holiday weekend. How to spot dangerous rip currents…what to bring…and…what to leave at home. I rescued him from South 20th. I found him! A police officer…rescues a…man trapped in … Read more