Stunning New Images of Saturn’s Rings and Several Moons Captured by JWST

Prepare for an exciting journey into the universe with the latest images from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). This is a stunning photo of Saturn, with its iconic rings casting an otherworldly glow. The telescope’s unique infrared imaging capabilities capture Saturn in a whole new light. This spectacular photo is more than just a … Read more

After mutiny, Kremlin wants to unwind stake tied to Wagner mercenary boss

comment on this storyComment RIGA, Latvia — Still reeling from the failed Wagnerian mercenary rebellion in Moscow, the Kremlin has begun the difficult task of Wagner Prigozhin’s sprawling empire that includes not only shadow mercenaries but also the propaganda media. Wing and internet troll factory notorious for meddling in US elections. St Petersburg tycoon Prigorzhin, … Read more

‘I knew it was revolving around me’: Man attacked by shark waited to die, dolphins saved his life

a great white shark (real shark) was chased off by a pod of dolphins while following a group of swimmers near New Zealand. (Image credit: Peter_Nile/Getty Images) Martin Richardson attacked by mako shark while swimming in Egypt’s Red SeaSpiny-nosed lizard). He had been bitten about five times, and as he was waiting to die, something … Read more